The Bubble Puzzle Game

The game is a creative and wonderful online browser based game that will keep you glued to your screen for quite a while. One of its main attractions is that it does not become boring over time or make you lose interest in it. It has several levels each of which is different from its predecessors, more exciting and more challenging.

This specific Run 3 Free game is designed by Seichi Nakakuki who is a brilliant game designer based with the Taito Corporation gaming franchise who were responsible for launching this game. They basically launched two versions of this game the first being Bubble Buster which is itself a good game as well.

Game Rules and Game play

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This game like most other Free To Play Tunnel Rush games is highlighted by a central puzzle that requires the game player to try and solve it. It thus has its origins from the popular arcade games that were mostly mazes. This bubble puzzle game involves tile matching the displayed tiles which are initially haphazardly and unevenly arranged. blocks in an array of some sort. The player is required to manipulate the tiles or blocks on the screen. This is done through manipulating the pointer around the screen. The Duck Life 4 Online Game game will initially start with the pointer at the very bottom of the game screen. This pointer shoots bubbles of different color. The aim is to match bubbles of the same color.

The bubbles are initially in a pre-determined cluster that has several bubbles of different color. When new bubbles shooting from the pointer come into contact with a cluster of bubbles of a similar color from the bubble cluster that is above the screen, that entire cluster of bubbles will disappear from the screen. An interesting feature about this 2048 Cupcakes game is is that bubbles from the initial cluster that are located at the top of the screen will sometimes start falling from the top of the screen downwards while other additional bubbles make it seem as though this roof of bubbles is coming down.

How to Get Points

Play The Impossible Quiz game points are accrued depending on how the player scores by making the bubbles disappear from the screen. The larger the cluster of bubbles that disappear from the screen, the more points the player will score. An interesting source of points in the bubble puzzle game is that a player will get more points when bubbles fall from the top and drop to the bottom that from making the bubbles pop or disappear from sight. A neat tip to score more points is from the falling bubbles than from making the bubble cluster located at the top of the screen disappear by shooting it with matching colors.

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